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Digitalize your institute with Keryar Software.

Everything is at one convenient location.KERYAR for Institutes is the single place to go for anything your institute needs.

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A cutting-edge Learning Management System.

Course and batch organisation is a key management responsibility that deals with course duration, schedule, and other programmes linked to school-based courses. Instant and cost-effective communication between teachers, administrators, and students is possible.

  • Profile.
  • Chat Module.
  • Learn.
  • Video/Live Learning.
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Operating Model with a Combination. Once you've got it, it's faster and easier to manage your school.

Set up, conduct, and manage various test schedules; Results report; Student performance improvement; new e-exam method and solutions for student assessment; a comprehensive toolkit for creating, administering, and evaluating term exams.

  • Mock Tests.
  • Student Performance Report.
  • Attendance Module.
  • Share Study Material, videos & Integration.
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Management of the institute from beginning to finish. Manage your institute with care.

A digital tool that allows for quick, effective, and engaging engagement between the institution, instructors, and students, as well as receiving regular updates and monitoring the growth and safety of the child at the touch of a button.

  • Visitor’s Module.
  • FEES Payment Option.
  • Event Announcement.
  • Social Media Integration.


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