Every customer expects organizations with whom they do business to have a website. When establishing your online presence, you must choose a website design. In many instances, this decision is template or custom website design.

When contemplating the creation of a new website, you will soon face a crucial decision. Will you use an existing website template as the foundation for your new website? Or are you going for distinctive web design? This a challenging question if you cannot evaluate the distinction between the two options.

What Is Template Design?

The best way to explain this is to say that a template-based design gives you boxes that are already set up for your content. Basically, you find a template that comes close to what you need and make small changes, like changing the colors and adding images.

You can choose from different templates on WordPress, some of which cost more than others. Most people who use WordPress will start with a template, but you can also make your own design.


Usually not too expensive.

Can be built or used more quickly.


It will be hard to find a template that perfectly fits your needs.

Can sometimes look like everyone else's.

What Is Custom Web Design?

When a website is custom-designed, every part of it is made to fit your needs. Your strategy and content come first, and the design is made around them. Keryars' websites are all custom designs. We do not use a template to start.


With a custom design, you can make the website fit in with your marketing plan. Because the site was made just for you, you can be more strategic about how you set it up.

Completely customizable.

Most of the time, working with an agency and a partner agency is like having another member of your team.


More expensive.

Lots of time is needed.

Some marketing teams might find it too hard to do.

Why a custom website design is the Right Choice for you?

A premade template is a theme that is already done and sold to more than one business. It costs less and is ready to use. Custom website designs are made just for your business, and you work with the designers to make them. Here are six ways that they are a better deal than buying a ready-made theme.

1) Get a website that isn't like any other.

The best reason to choose a custom website design is that you have full control over the end result. You can make a website that looks exactly how you want it to without being limited by how a template is made.

In the end? You can make sure that your new website goes with the rest of your branding and fits in well with the way you want your business to look. And you can be sure that your website is truly unique and not just a copy of other well-known websites.

2) When you choose a custom website, it's easy to keep it up-to-date.

Websites need to be updated and changed every once in a while. You'll need to update your content and make changes to account for algorithmic changes, changes to your brand, and changes in how people use your site.

Working with a website development company for a completely custom design usually leaves an easy way to update the website code on the back end, making sure the site stays current and fresh. On the other hand, if you use a template that already exists, you may not be able to make big changes over time.

3) Unique websites are built to be able to grow.

In a similar way, if you get a custom website, you can change the way it looks as your business grows or as your marketing goals change. In fact, if you have a custom site, there's nothing stopping you from calling your website development team every month or two and asking for new features or pages to be added.

Simply put, unique website designs give you a lot of control over how the site is managed, updated, and scaled.

4) Quality is guaranteed with custom-made sites.

Also, keep in mind that premade websites aren't tested on the server or equipment that your company uses. So, they may work great on your designer's server, but they may cause problems that are hard to fix in the long run.

When your website design team makes a new site just for you, they can make sure it looks and works right from the beginning.

5) Your marketing goals can be taken into account when making a custom site.

In the end, you shouldn't build your business website in a vacuum. Instead, it should be part of your digital marketing goals as a whole.

With these goals in mind, a custom website can be made, with things like organic SEO built into the site's structure. When you use a pre-made website template, you can't really do that.

Get a website made just for you from Keryar

In the end, having a website built from scratch is the best way to make sure it is high-quality, fully functional, and in line with your business needs and marketing goals.

That's where Keryar, a web design company in Anand comes in. We're proud of our strong, unique website designs that were made with digital marketing in mind. We'd be happy to tell you more about how good we are at making websites. Contact us at your convenience.