If you're a social media marketer, you've most likely received the question, "But how do we go viral?" at least once. Most marketers want increased audience engagement and interest from achieving an online viral video. It's a goal for a majority of social media marketing agencies.

However, they also recognize that there are many formulas for achieving viral success. Remember that becoming viral is a bonus but not an approach and certainly not an efficient answer for slow-moving channels. Video virality is a short-lived phenomenon, and so is the profit derived from it.

However, knowing the standard components of viral videos will make your content accessible and enjoyable, thus increasing your chances of becoming viral. Here you can learn how to make the perfect viral video, what to do if it goes viral, and the theories behind 'going viral. Let's take a look.

What is it that makes a social network viral video?

What is it that makes a social network viral video?
Let's begin by defining the basics. What does it mean when we refer to viral videos on SMM? When a piece of content goes viral via social media and receives enormous exposure and shares, it is known as "going viral." This could be a tweet or an Instagram Reel; all content can become viral.

How many views should a video get for it to be considered viral?

How many views should a video get for it to be considered viral?

There isn't a single amount of views that can indicate that a video is now viral. What "viral" means has changed over time. For instance, in 2015, one million views were considered viral, according to Animoto. However, today, with increased social media use, one million is far from being considered low. In the case of TikTok specifically, Digital Marketing Institute defines 250,000 views as moderately viral, a million as medium-level viral and 5 million views in 3-7 days as being officially TikTok viral.

The psychology behind what goes into making a video go viral on social media

The psychology behind what goes into making a
                                                        video go viral on social media

The question of what makes a video go viral initially is similar to the holy grail of marketers. The answer is based on simple psychology.

The majority of it goes back to emotions and social connections. According to research on why people share content on social media, The top three reasons to share were the ability to provide exciting content and value to users and helping us define ourselves and build relationships.

Consider: what made you want to watch an online video and share it? Did it cause you to laugh or smile like the "It's Corn" viral trend? Did you get amazed? Did a video uproar or impressed you?

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a viral video on social media.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a viral
                                                    video on social media.

Videos can be viral on a variety of platforms. But what is the process involved in creating a viral video in the first place? How can you ensure the biggest possible audience is exposed to your content?

Keryar Marketing team is well-versed in creating video content that can reach large audiences. Here are a few of our top tips you can use to improve the production of your own videos and optimize them.

Set your sights in the right direction.

You need more than the fact that you would like something to be viral to make an effective social media strategy for marketing. You must also know why you want your video to be popular.

Are you seeking to increase brand recognition? Do you want to improve your online presence? Or do you wish to convert more customers?

Each goal will require you and your team to develop videos on different funnel levels for viewers. Know your plans before when you start production.

Know your audience

If you have information regarding the individuals you're aiming at, your video will succeed every time. To create content that is a hit with your intended viewers and the wider public, you have to determine what will resonate with them and inspire them to share your content.

One method to determine your potential customers is to develop personas on social media and an empathy map. These will provide insight into what will likely grab your audience's attention and what they search for on the internet.

Start with a short

Make sure you plan everything thoroughly and develop a unique strategy short along with a storyboard. This will provide insight into your objectives, key messages, length, tone and distribution channels, among other things.

A well-written brief can help ensure the message and overall goal from the team responsible for the content to the video team. So that all of your videos will be consistent and share the same overall vision, thereby strengthening your brand. Here are a few of the sections your brief might contain:

  • Working title This will aid in guiding the general idea.
  • Description What would you like your video to convey? What is the purpose of your video?
  • The most important things to include are Important points: Are there particular areas you must hit during your video?
  • Related content: What similar information do you own that you could refer to or incorporate?
  • Competing content Who are you battling with?
  • Platforms Which platforms can this content be shared on? What versions are you required for different platforms?
  • Video format: Can this video be shot vertically? Horizontally?
  • Keywords are essential for platforms such as YouTube with an SEO-driven search feature.
  • Necessary hashtags/messages to include are Important for partnerships and trends.
  • Are you directing your audience members to do something in your calls to action?

Start with a strong

Every successful viral video grabs the attention of viewers immediately. The best method to achieve this is to use the term "you" within the first five seconds of your video. Research shows that you'll get an increased retention rate if your video employs words like "you" or "your" within the initial few seconds.

Other methods to begin your video to get the most outcomes include:

  • Create a plot twist, or be unexpected
  • Create a "hook" at the beginning by asking an inquiry, presenting an item, etc.
  • Create content that is relatable
  • Engage your viewers to feel their emotions
  • Incorporate captivating music or audio clips
  • Forget about being promotional

Tell a story

Content is about telling stories. Since viral videos tend to be shorter, you need to convey a compelling story in the shortest amount of time. You can do this by choosing the proper context for your idea. For instance, the meaning of "Monday Mood" is universal and doesn't require much time to describe.

Use the tropes that your audience is familiar with so that you can dive right into the story without any background. This is an excellent way to create content people will enjoy and be eager to share with friends and family. It's also a fantastic way to begin to challenge expectations and draw your audience's attention.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the quest for viral success remains a prominent goal for marketers. While achieving virality is not a reliable long-term strategy, understanding the key elements of viral videos can enhance your chances of engaging a broader audience. Viral content's essence lies in its emotional appeal and the connections it forges. People share content that excites, adds value, and helps them define themselves or connect with others. Crafting a viral video involves careful steps: First, clarify your goals and tailor your content strategy accordingly. Understand your audience deeply, using personas and empathy maps to create resonant content. Begin with a concise plan, including objectives, messaging, format, and distribution channels. Open with a strong hook, engaging viewers instantly by addressing them directly. Storytelling is crucial, requiring concise, relatable narratives that tap into universal experiences. Lastly, remember that KERYAR IT Solutions offers exceptional services to boost your profile. Though achieving virality is a fleeting accomplishment, mastering these strategies can significantly enhance your social media presence and engagement.