The 2022 E-Commerce trend is here!

In terms of design, we keep an eye on trends. After an in-depth analysis of our design team at KERYAR created this blog on the latest trends in e-commerce. From vibrant colors to vaporwave-inspired aesthetics There's plenty to anticipate in 2022.

We hope these trends ensure you are prepared for shift and motivate you to design extremely functional and user-friendly e-commerce websites.

1. Striking Colors and Attractive Typography

One of the most persuasive features of a web design are the colors and the typography. They can affect the psychology of customers due to their unique neuro-connections. In the coming year, you'll be seeing an increase in use of bright, bold and striking colors. In terms of design, things are kept as basic as is possible. But cool and subtle colors will be employed in order to convince customers to stick around on the website for a while.

2. Taking a Mobile-First Approach

We live in the age that is dominated by mobile tech. According to OuterBox 79 percent of smartphone users have purchased through smartphones. Additionally, from a rank perspective the search engines will favor websites optimized for mobile. Thus, an increasing amount of emphasis will be given to the development of mobile and e-commerce-based websites which adapt to different sizes of screens in 2022.

3. Creating an Interactive Shopping Experience

Although there are many customers who prefer to shop on the internet, some prefer to get to know the product prior to making purchases. 49 percent of Millennial and Gen Z consumers have gone to a physical shop because they prefer the experience in-store. This problem can be resolved by including shopping experiences that include interactive displays, augmented reality or smart mirrors.

Interactive shopping experiences are going to one of the top e-commerce trends in 2022, as it is a surefire way for retailers to engage customers during the purchase-decision-making time.

4. Dedicated Landing Pages for Products

Landing pages are another Web developement trends to keep an eye on in 2022. E-commerce landing pages function as digital storefronts that grab the attention of the customer and begins the shopping experience. With customers having a wide range of choices and increasing the cost of online advertisements E-commerce landing pages are among the best ways to engage customers and meet their needs for shopping.

5. Storytelling Approach via Product Pages

Stories are an excellent method to convince consumers to buy your product. Through the use of stories, you can change the content's focus beyond selling, and focus on solving the issues of customers. The use of storytelling will make your content more interesting. A lot of e-commerce sites will begin using this strategy in 2022 and over the future, so that their brand will stand out from the competition.

6. Multidirectional/Asymmetric Layouts

Product Gallery is among the most vital elements of your online store. It offers visitors details that can help to make a purchasing decision. A typical gallery does well however, there are many methods to make it better. In 2022, you'll find many companies experimenting with multi-product galleries with grids. The trend of e-commerce is coming at the right moment to address interaction-based shopping and mobile-first design.

7. Adding Vaporwave Aesthetics

Everybody has fond memories of interfacing with Clippy the adorable Microsoft assistant. Recalling these kinds of design elements can trigger strong feelings of nostalgia. Similar to Vaporwave's influence, the influence of (The 1980s-1990s imagery as well as musical styles and popular culture) will be part of the graphic design trends for e-commerce in 2022. It is characterized by bright pastel colors and gradient color blending that dates back to the 90s and 80s. If you find the design to be a bit bold it is possible to choose a few components and modify them to fit your online store's brand.

8. Innovative Navigation using Page Transitions and Clever Navigation

The page transitions can also be referred to by the name of animated transitions. They are used to provide an enjoyable browsing experience for websites. The year 2022 is when page transitions are expected to get a boost. Although it's not mandatory but it's a great enhancement to your user's experience. People who browse online will be aware of this and will appreciate their experience. This will result in an increase in time on your site. If you use this strategy properly, it will spice the site and aid to navigate the site as well.

9. Micro animations

Micro animations are short animations which can help you to explain a variety of things visually, without the use of words. They can also make tasks easier like drag-and-drop, and also inform users that they've completed an action correctly. This is one of the major designs for e-commerce in 2022. Many are looking for ways to improve and improve the user interface. micro animations can help accomplish this. In addition, with micro animations, you'll be able to increase the user experience for your brand and add more personality to your designs.

10. Neutral or pastel colors to give the warmth

A lot of the time the use of bold colors to help a website stand out. But not just strong colors can provide an appealing appearance. In 2022 there will be an increase in the trend of designing websites for e-commerce to make use of colors that are less dominant such as Pastel (never too bold, and will be easy to see). This hue will provide an easy and enjoyable style to your site. Remember that implementing shades that are pastel can prove difficult, and if done correctly, your website may appear dull. Therefore, it is possible to engage a web designer in order to ensure you have the perfect combination of colors and tones.

11. Original Photography with Graphic Touches

In the coming year, there will be an growth in the use of virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D imaging technologies as this will allow customers to better know what they are looking to purchase. These modern technologies mostly rely on the quality of images. You can incorporate this in your e-commerce store in 2022 by incorporating authentic photos (custom photography) using a graphic touch. Try to limit the use of images that are stock as much as is possible.

12. AI and Chatbots to personalize

AI technology has revolutionized the industry of e-commerce. From brand development to payment logistics, security purchase, fulfillment and inventory management that affects the majority of the areas that are the e-commerce. As technology like AI and chatbots enhances the user experience and control over management and control, by 2022 we are likely to see a significant increase in the use of it.

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It's always interesting to watch how the e-commerce site designs evolve. We can define the e-commerce trends for 2022 as quick, simple and attractive.

Being up-to-date with the most recent trends in e-commerce design is vital to the growth of your online store.

In at the conclusion of the day the majority of the most popular e-commerce website designs for 2022 are great and fashionable ideas that can make customers trust you and guide users to purchase.

If you require assistance to integrate these kinds of design trends for e-commerce into your site Our experts web developers at KERYAR can assist.