Can visitors understand what your business is about in five seconds after clicking on your website or blog? Could people quickly browse your blog? Is the layout of your price page easy to understand? Is the bounce rate of your website low? If you answer 'no' to any of these questions, you should rethink how you have been optimizing and creating your website.

The viability of a site is dependent on the user experience, functionality, and the suitability of content. Even a website designer with years of experience might overlook these upgrades because they believe they are less crucial than other website priorities. A successful website has high-performing content and a fantastic user interface, ensuring your design goes beyond. Many web designers in Gujarat are improving their technics to give the best user experience.

You don't want to spend hours creating fantastic content for your service or blog pages only to have it ignored due to design mistakes, navigation issues, unclear layouts or lost conversion opportunities. The umbrella of website experience is a broad term, and it can be challenging to grasp all the elements while determining what's most important. What do you need to do to start learning about web design? Here are seven suggestions for a website makeover to ensure you are on the right track and not driving people away.

Spring Cleaning is not just for Spring.

Examine your site and remove any features that could be hindering its performance. Remove complex animations or low-quality stock images that could slow your site's loading speed. Also, make sure the content of your website is brief. Most visitors will need more patience to scroll through pages of content.

To break up longer chunks of text, you can use headings, bullets or graphics. Use a professional plagiarism-checking tool to avoid being accused of copying someone else's content. This software can detect plagiarism in your copy so that you can ensure your content is original.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons to your content to make it easy for your visitors to share your content on the social media sites of their choice. This eliminates the need for users to copy and paste the link to your article onto their social media page. When it comes to digital marketing online all of your social media platform should be internally connected.

People can share quickly by simply pressing a button. Also, it increases your content's visibility, bringing you more visitors and leads.

Include Calls To Action

If you don't include a call to action, your readers won't understand what you want them to do. You should not only have calls-to-action buttons on each page but also spend time determining what you want readers to do concerning the page that they are currently on. Your calls to action should offer readers an incentive, like documents that can help them solve their problems.

Make sure the navigation is simple.

Visitors will only spend a little bit of time on a website that is difficult to navigate and find what they want. Ensure the navigation bar is at the top of the webpage and easily accessible. Include links to the homepage, blog page, online store, about page and contact page. Make your website even more user-friendly by including a search engine and a sitemap.

Make Your Company Website Mobile-Friendly


Check that your site loads, functions and displays correctly on mobile phones. You will not only hurt your mobile SEO but also lose a large portion of your audience using a smartphone or tablet to access your site.

Establish A Search Engine Optimization Plan

It would help if you created an SEO strategy that considers your buyer persona to produce relevant content for your target audience. Optimize your website's content using the search terms your audience will likely use.

Fix Broken URLs


Using a variety of tools, you can find broken links and mysterious error codes. Fixing these broken links will not only improve search results but also prevent visitors from leaving your website.

Final Thoughts

You have many options to improve the design of your website. If you haven't done it already, give them a try. These seven website design tips are the most effective ways to improve your website homepage.

Start implementing these immediately, and you'll see a dramatic improvement in traffic and visitor behaviour. If you don’t want the hassle then contact our team at KERYAR to build a brand worthy website today!