The constant evolution of the world of search engine optimization (SEO) world makes for interesting trends. The fundamental principles of SEO such as user experience and the significance of Google Business Profile for local businesses remain the same despite changes.

Other common SEO copywriting mistakes and how to stop the help of trends have continued to follow their trend of increasing significance, including large-scale results. Yet, we're thrilled to bring to light some newcomers to this list. Four SEO trends in 2022, such as Google Discover and new methods of search such as multimodal searches. Let's get started!

SEO Trend #1: User Experience

In 2021, we discovered that user experience remains one of the top factors that determine the SEO performance of a website. Why? Basically, the engine will provide its users with content, information, or experiences according to what they are searching for. When more websites provide this type of experience, search engines will display content more likely to continue providing users with this amazing experience.

This trend in SEO isn't new in 2022. It's the foundation of any SEO strategy. The 2021 year saw some changes which only boosted the user experience's place as one of the most popular SEO trends, particularly in 2022.

Alongside the page experience, Google also updated how it utilizes links between web pages this year. This was an effort to take down fraudulent link-building strategies.

In the result pages, Google has also introduced the About This Result feature in February last year. It allows users to learn more about the origin of the result, and the reason it appeared in the search results for the particular query.

SEO Trend #2: Rich Results

Another SEO trend that we've seen grow over the last year. Although it was among our top SEO trends in 2021 we couldn't let it go off our list of top SEO latest trends to watch in 2022.

Rich results are results from searches above the standard web hyperlinks that show up on the search results page. These include results such as answers to questions from the People Also Ask, results from the People Also Ask section, video results from product recipes, results from a recipe, and much more.

Through 2021, we observed an increase in the number of rich results and the type, making this kind of result more common. Look at the following results from a search for "how to slice a dragonfruit".

Not only do you get the richest results, but also you can see the rich search result before any conventional results (the web hyperlinks).

When you compare them to the basic results, it is clear that they each include other features. They may be rating images, ratings, and the timeframe of how long cutting a dragon fruit may take. All of these are included in the rich results. SEO marketing online trends when it comes to search results.

What is the process behind this? Most of the time, Google is using the structured data of the site alongside traditional elements to display these results. They are incredibly rich and detailed.

SEO Trend #3: Searches in video

Alongside large results, which are generally experiencing a surge as well as video results. As they appear increasing and more frequently in the results of searches.

The rise in the importance of video doesn't exist in a bubble. It is expanding in tandem with the growing importance of videos on traditional social media platforms. As well as the growing popularity of new(er) video-focused social media platforms.

It's also not a secret that Google is the owner of YouTube. Which makes sense for the company to incorporate more video content into its search results. This kind of content is becoming more popular with the public.

In the past year, Google has demonstrated its commitment to improving the accessibility of videos in search results through the announcement of fresh styles of markup and enhancements to video resources. Also improvements to features that are currently in use, such as crucial events.

The improvements allowed users to view not only the video but a specific part of the video that is matched to an inquiry in the results of a video search.

An example of the way that important videos can show up in results.

Google's ongoing investment in the video industry and the continued increase in the popularity of video among users have put the growth of video search on our list of the top SEO trends for 2022.

SEO Trend #4: Google Business Profile
[Local Businesses]

Local SEO strategy remains an essential part of the SEO image for a variety of businesses regardless of size. To illustrate this check out the graph below in which you will see Google Trend data for the most popular keywords in searches, such as "content writer near me" over the recent five years.

In the last few years, the interest in search results that include "near me" has been close to its highest. Additionally, Google Business Profile is one of the most effective ways local businesses can show as search results for this kind of local search.

It's not a new concept since Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) has been a vital tool for local businesses for many years. And by 2022, the significance of having a Google Business Profile hasn't slowed down in any way.