The internet is used by over 7 billion people all around the world. Net surfing, social media streaming, and purchasing things online are a part of daily life. Your consumers are digital, emphasizing the significance of digital marketing. They're searching the web for your services/products. You can't risk losing a lead generation to your rivals if they can't discover you. all because you don't have an internet presence. You must have an online presence to achieve the greatest outcomes for your company. You will attract more leads that are aware of the brand, products, or services. If you're asking why digital marketing is the key, consider that your rivals are already doing it. Many of your rivals have already adapted to digital marketing.


Rumitkumar Vaghela is the CEO and Founder of KERYAR. With a passion for IT solutions and digital marketing, Rumit began his career. He started working with local businesses and started handling their digital needs. He would design, manage, and market their business both online and offline. As he was still learning and gaining knowledge, he was also gaining experience.

After being involved in various courses, he received many google certifications. Also, he mastered web development. He learned over 11 languages including Angular, Node, Java, and more. He self-analyzed every aspect of digital marketing and IT solutions. He managed to establish a full-scale IT solution and digital marketing company at the age of 19 in 2017. Now KERYAR is a full-fledged company with some prestigious clientele. Rumit has been a great help in starting CyberNGO of India, a non-profit organization. He participated in many international conferences to learn the differences in global markets. Rumit gained many reputable clients by applying a unique and diverse approach to its marketing.

Exploring the digital world with KERYAR

KERYAR,a leading digital marketing company in Anand, Gujarat. There is one focus at KERYAR: "WE WORK FOR YOU". We are UX/UI professionals. We develop and apply world-class digital marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. KERYAR implements trending ideas and creativity to transform a business or a brand. KERYAR takes a strong approach to give the proper marketing shield. In today’s world, for a business or brand to be successful in the future they have to be active. They need a social media presence that will help with their branding. They need a website that can give quality information about them to the users. A website will need an on and off page SEO optimization so it can be on top of google searches. By using its own system of strategies, KERYAR evolves every business.

The future of brands is combining forward-looking market diversification with cognitive analytics. They also use a greater knowledge of customers. In today's difficult economy, brands only rise by going above the traffic without overspending. Companies that build outstanding user engagements and experiences stand out from the competition. They are critical for a successful business strategy, execution, and development. Ranging from eCommerce to marketplace platforms to mobile apps. You get the maximal reach for your business with KERYAR.

KERYAR offers outstanding consumer experiences. When they combine creativity, analytics, content writing, and Social media advertising, magic happens. Planning, developing, and the right content to promote is the next step. This will boost your reach. Successful ad campaigns need outstanding multimedia consumer experiences. While also driving company Goals and financial development. KERYAR utilizes creative techniques to create relevant and interesting content. It highlights your company's strategic advantage and provides underside value.

With over 10+ services and products, KERYAR is shaping a new marketing world in India. Some of these services include graphic design, web design, SEO optimization, eCommerce, branding, marketing, UI/UX, cyber security, and more. Along with business, KERYAR is a trusted partner for all its clients.

Rumit stated: Many firms are growing more tied throughout the world. Some are shifting to more sustainable marketing and promotion strategies. Finally, both entrepreneurs and businesses have recognized the value of digital marketing. They also began to invest in it. Real-time marketing and a universal content strategy revolve around consumer and data-driven experiences. Digital marketing is a game-changing stride into the digital age. There are several methods to do business. In order for people to become aware of your company, you need marketing. Lead generation is the first phase of marketing. Leads are people who intend to purchase a product or service your company is providing. This is where KERYAR revolutionizes the platform with its unique strategies.

Coding a better world

After the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the world got a view of the digital workspace. With schools and businesses going online. KERYAR thought of developing an application that would make it easy to get an education. An application that is a benefit to students, teachers, and parents. The application allows students to complete assignments, tests, grades, and more. The teacher has access to check assignments and grade them online. The parents also have access to track their children’s academic progress. If a student has a question they can ask a teacher via direct message.

Nowadays, parents are worried about their children, so they want to keep a close eye on them at all times. As this is impossible, we introduce a Safety Monitoring system in the application. It allows us to keep track of the last geolocation of the child as well as their activities, from any location. As well as providing parents with a way to keep track of their children's every move. The child tracking system plays an important role in resolving missing children. The system has an automated messaging system that sends a message to the parents. It will send live road-to-road message updates to parents as the child is on their way to home or school. The main goal in creating the application is to give a fast, efficient, educating, and safe portal for students, teachers, and parents.

Adapting services in the future

Rumit dreams to be a center of attraction in the digital marketing world. He hopes to accomplish it by evolving the basic sense of digital marketing. As majority of digital marketing companies focus on designing and posting. KERYAR uses its services and products in a strategic way. KERYAR does it by proper content managing and using the right marketing stunts. KERYAR is reshaping businesses to perform at the finest level by using the digital platforms.

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