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KERYAR is the most recommended and trusted web development company by providing unmatchable Web development services to our respective clients. We are leading as one of the top web development companies in India. We know how to reach your web development goals with an intelligent, strategic plan coupled with creative work that gets attention and suits your client’s needs.

Website design plays an essential role in development. The website shall be originated in such a way that users can find relevant information quickly. We develop a user-friendly, steady, and dynamic website and also one of its kind.

  • We know how to create complex and intuitive interface systems that are enjoyable to use.
  • Our developer team easily subdue developments of any complexity. We dominate all the cycle of development.

Professional Static/Dyanamic Website Design and Development

The professional long term solution developer 95% of users are using a website with CMS around the world, based on Investopedia reports.

At KERYAR, A Website Design and Development agency, Where we design and provide website development with CMS to empower you to manage your content and change it whenever the need to be. Update, add, or delete your products, blogs, or data; everything at your disposal, suited as per your company’s needs.

We always begin our creative process by gathering information and gaining insights that will help us focus precisely on the customer’s needs. We build websites with an aim for scalability and cross-platform compatibility because we have got your back!

Information Gathering & Planning

Our team of professionals will understand your needs. The most important responsibility at this phase is to get a clear understanding of your future website purposes, the main goals you wish to get, and the target audience you want to attract to your site then provide you with the right plan according to your business.

Design & Content writing

The primary function of design to represent the information structure, visualize the content, and illustrate the basic functionality. We will design your website uniquely as per your targeted audience. We will send it to you for review and feedback. Content writing overlaps with other stages of website development and it can’t be underestimated. At this step, it is important to put in writing the very essence you’d like to communicate to the audience of your website and add calls-to-action.

Coding, Testing & Launch

At this stage, we will start creating the website itself. Graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages should be used to create an actual website. Usually, the home page is created first, and then all sub-pages are added. Framework and CMS will be added to make sure that the server can handle the installation and run smoothly.

Testing is the essential part of a process, we will test every single link to make sure no links are broken. After all check and re-check, your website is ready to launch.

Low-Maintenance & Scalability.

A website is more of a service than a product. It is important to keep your website up-to-date from time to time to fix any bugs. We make sure that you’re website has the latest technology and design

Don’t want a hassle to manage your any website. We can upkeep your website.

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A tweak tweak here and a tweak tweak there sounds like an easy task but is time-consuming. Worry not, as we can handle all your website and SEO Search Engine Optimization work on-the-go.

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