ADS Management

As are very important to show the services/ product you are providing to a large group of people. In today's digital world, almost every person on the planet has a mobile phone and has access to the internet. Therefore, it's the best idea to optimize digital platforms for Ads.

KERYAR helps businesses to run specific ads, for the right targeted audience with the right KPIs.

Targeting can be done in different ways and also a mixture of all below:

  • Geo-Targeting (Based on city, region, or country)
  • Interest Targeting (Based on different interest group)
  • Demographic Targeting (Based on gender, age, relationship status, income, job title, education qualification, etc)
  • Behavior Targeting (Based on travel, use of technology, events participation, etc)
  • Look-a-like audience targeting (Based on the existing audience, finding the new one similar to before)
  • Custom Audience Targeting

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